At Adom, we provide you with personalized service and superior quality products and installation to help you make the most of your home.


From our offices on the South Shore of Montreal and in South Florida, we provide you with guidance and support at every step, overseeing your smart home installation from A to Z. We don’t believe in limits—only solutions tailored to meet your needs and expectations.

Our Services

Craft your own ambiance and entertain in style with music in every room…

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Our Promise

Our core values are simple: thoroughness, flexibility and transparency. From product selection through…

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Design, Installation, Programming and Customization

At Adom, we oversee every phase of your home technology integration project so that we can meet—and exceed—your expectations.

Bringing the Future
to Life

Founded in February 2013, Adom was born of co-founder Francis Turgeon’s passion for electronics and new technologies.

Our goal: enhance everyday living and provide you with unique experiences through home improvement. Adom also handles projects that integrate technology to save energy.

In 2020, we have expanded our activites to the South Florida market for our Quebec and American clients. We offer the same quality of products and services in Canada and in the United States.
High Quality Products
Partners for large-scale projects.

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